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Vermont St. Neighborhood Association

The purpose of the Vermont St. Neighborhood Association [VSNA] is to foster:
  • Safety
  • Community
  • Neighborhood beautification
  • Education
VSNA was established in 2007 to address issues and concerns related to safety, community, neighborhood beautification and education,  preserving our ‘Home Zone’.  

We do this in a variety of ways like hosting annual Clean Team events in partnership with DPW and local neighbors.  We also partner with local companies to facilitate a company Day of Service which includes street beautification projects, team building and much more.  

Thanks to the generous support of neighbors and the above mentioned examples, we are able to raise money for much needed community repairs and improvements like other associations across San Francisco.

Neighborhood Association and ByLaws & Protocols


The Vermont Street Neighborhood Association is based on it’s membership. You are automatically a member, whether you are a homeowner or occupant, if you
reside within the boundaries of the Neighborhood Association.


The boundaries of the Vermont St. Neighborhood Association are between the north and south blocks existing from 400-900 Vermont Street (from 17th to 22nd Streets).

Responsibilities of membership include:

1. Participate in issues/concerns that relate to immediate neighborhood and/or personal concerns such as signing petitions, participating on a Committee, bringing issues/concerns to the attention of the membership or attending meetings

2. Participate in voting process to change Neighborhood Association Bylaws and Protocols, establish Committees, change Committee functions or Leads, and other issues/concerns as needed

3. Follow the Neighborhood Association Bylaws and Protocols

4. Respect other members views and positions on issues/concerns, even if you disagree, by allowing them to voice their opinions or experiences before the membership

5. Members should not misrepresent themselves as representatives of the Neighborhood Association, unless authorized to do so by the acting officers.

6. Members should not make statements, imply or give the impression that they represent the Neighborhood Association on any issue/concern without explicit approval of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary after review with acting Board Members and Committee Lead(s)

7. Each member should maintain productive working relationships with all Association membership and Committees, as well as public and private agencies and non-members.


VSNA Officers  

Ms. Joyce Book, President

Mr. John Rigney, Vice President

Ms. Meg McKnight, Treasurer

Mr. John Oldfield, Secretary

SF SAFE Community Leaders

Listed by Individual Vermont St. Block Address:

Mr. John Stanton, 400 Vermont St.

Ms. Angela Neff, 500 Vermont St.

Mr. Tore Langmo, 600 Vermont St.

Ms. Anne Collins, 700 Vermont St.

Mr. Karl Huntzinger, 800 Vermont St.

Mr. Henry Wimmer, 900 Vermont St.


is a non-profit organization that guides residents, business owners, and community members to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

SF SAFE provides education and support regarding public safety and assists community members in identifying and resolving issues of crime and violence.

SAFE partners with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to provide crime prevention education and organizing support for communities and Neighborhood Watch groups.

They engage and empower community members to take an active role in problem-solving and working together to create safe, vibrant neighborhoods. SF SAFE believes that everyone in San Francisco has the right to be safe.

If you are a Vermont Street neighbor living within the boundaries of VSNA [400-900 Blocks], please contact the appropriate community leader listed above with any questions you have.  

If you are interested in joining one of the many SF SAFE groups participating under VSNA organization, please email them directly with your address and contact information.