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Since 2007, The Vermont Street Neighborhood Association [VSNA] has been working hard to reach and include all of our neighbors living within our natural boundaries of 400 Vermont Street through 900 Vermont.  The goal of the organization from the beginning has been about providing one portal for our neighbors to communicate about the basics like public safety, transportation, beautification projects and any other areas that promote neighbor communications.   

VSNA works towards establishing a unified voice on citywide efforts as well to make sure all of neighbors are kept in the loop on any proposals or projects that may be off their radar or where they were not properly noticed. While one person can take a complaint to City Hall, the voice of a whole neighborhood or dedicated organization like VSNA can accomplish more, together.   Examples would be in our efforts to partner more productively across much needed city services like improving street lights, repairs, traffic calming measures and graffiti abatement.  We also enjoy working with neighborhood services leaders at City Hall and our D10 Supervisor to better represent that our specific neighborhood association needs are being included in SFMTA Surveys.

VSNA also empowers Vermont Street residents to work together under one network to partner strong with supporting city and county organizations like the San Francisco Police Department, Recreation and Parks, Department of Public Works, SFMTA, and SF SAFE.  We do this to prevent burglaries, vandalism, drug dealing and other crimes that threaten the stability of our unique neighborhood as well as raise much needed funds to support street improvements and community wellness.

Together, a neighborhood organization like ours works to improve the image of a neighborhood, thereby increasing property values, community stewardship and peace of mind.

VSNA is represented along the 400-900 blocks of the Vermont Street corridor and bounded between 17th Street. [North] and 22nd Street [South]. Members of our neighborhood association represent neighbors living on multiple blocks located on both the north and south slopes of Potrero Hill.
Since getting started back in 2007, VSNA has been meeting regularly with active neighbors and has become a recognized partner with the many city agencies listed above in order to learn more about public policy and being good neighbors.

Beginning in 2009, we partnered with the McKinley Square Park Foundation (MSPF)  to support the annual Community Crime and Public Safety meeting series hosted at Downtown High School..  These annual community meetings experience an average attendance level of 100+ and partner with each neighboring SF SAFE group, online boards and the many agency leaders to foster open dialog, community education and address much need improvements impacting our immediate areas.

VSNA has four volunteer officers which include our President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Our active board members represent neighbors reaching across a 6 block radius [400-900]. 

For more information and becoming a neighborhood association member, please email us at